Perks & Benefits

Perks & Benefits

Our staff are our biggest asset and their welfare is instrumental to our continued success.    

We have a dedicated, trust-wide wellbeing working group.

Projects to improve communication, better manage workload and improve staffrooms have all come out from discussions of this group, and it was their idea for us to create a dedicated wellbeing hub in our Google sites. There, staff can easily access all our memberships and perks, share tips on wellbeing, and access interesting material and events.

Fair pay and conditions

We are committed to ensuring that staff have pay and conditions that are at least as good as those in neighbouring maintained schools. This work is carried out with a Joint Consultative Group that has been established between the Trust and national and local Trade Unions (for both teaching and support staff). 

Staff development and CPD

At LiHT we prioritise investment in staff development.  Teachers receive high quality, research informed, professional development at every stage in their career. Coaching underpins our approach, ensuring that teachers get the individual support and training they need to be successful.

LiHT schools provide ongoing in-house training in various aspects of pedagogy and curriculum, based on a common understanding of practice demonstrated to positively impact on children’s learning. Teachers also have access to resources such as Educare and Leadership Matters, to support their independent learning.

We offer teachers the opportunity to take part in Assessment Centres, a bespoke coaching tool to support them in evaluating their own next steps for development.

Alongside the comprehensive internal offer, we work in close partnership with a number of CPD providers such as  Ambition Institute; New Vision English Hub; Venn Maths Hub and SETSA Science Learning Partnership.  Teachers also have the opportunity to participate in a range of nationally recognised leadership development opportunities including National Professional Qualifications and The Evolve Leadership Programme.

All staff on payroll have access to a variety of non-contractual benefits. These currently include:

To us, our people and their wellbeing are really important. We work day in, day out, to make sure they’re looked after, listened to and rewarded.
All our employees have complimentary access to Perkbox Sapphire, so when you join the team you’ll also get access to freebies and discounts from some of the biggest brands and stores. In addition to holistic wellbeing advice and guidance, fitness videos, meditations, and yoga courses.
We also provide access to a recognised employee assistance programme, access to salary sacrifice schemes for bikes, season tickets and gym memberships, and Perkbox Medical, giving you 24/7 access to NHS certified GPs via video.

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